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    PNB MetLife CSR Strategy

    PNB MetLife has taken the first step in giving back to the local communities and launched its CSR initiative. The company has joined hands with bank distributors, Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB) and Karnataka Bank Limited (KBL) to support the cause of education and development of underprivileged children.”

    Commitment to Communities: Enduring efforts from PNB MetLife 

    PNB MetLife believes in a good corporate citizenship approach and we are committed to the communities in which we operate. The CSR strategy for PNB MetLife has a dual approach:

    • Promotion of financial inclusion in India through MetLife Foundation
    • Launch of social initiatives with our partners around education and development of underprivileged children, promotion of national sports like badminton, consumer awareness programmes around insurance among others

    The CSR program has been built around the strategy of leveraging on MetLife Foundation’s expertise, research and evaluation around the key issues facing the community and PNB MetLife’s geographical strengths to facilitate project management and volunteering. In line with this strategy, programs around education and development of underprivileged children in Karnataka and J&K have been launched with CRY and Prajna Counselling Centres. These are supported by our bank partners – Jammu & Kashmir Bank (JKB) and Karnataka Bank Limited (KBL) too.

    Key focus areas of PNB MetLife’s CSR Programme:

    • Financial Inclusion: Provide low-income families and individuals with the financial tools to improve their lives in identified segments
    • Health Initiatives: Undertake initiatives on preventive healthcare, raising awareness and working with relevant partners for the same
    • Education and Vocational Training: Provide opportunity for children in identified locations to get access and help in getting education in schools, helping  school drop-outs with skill training
    • Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation activities: Including medical aids, food supply, supply of clean water, rebuilding of houses or any other activity that can be aligned to the relief and rehabilitation efforts.
    • Promotion of nationally recognized sports like Badminton: We provide scholarships for talented underprivileged children to pursue their dream of excelling in the sport.
    • Insurance awareness initiatives

    PNB MetLife is committed to help different communities grow in various aspects and is determined to apply constant efforts towards creation of a sustainable environment and society for everyone. Our efforts over the last two years and their impact are testimony to the focused approach and strategy.


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